Mental Health & Why It’s Important

The Importance of Mental Health At Nikki Froud Hair Salon

At Nikki Froud Hairdressing Salon in Hampshire, we care about you and your mental health. We all have mental health, just like our physical health, which needs to be looked after to ensure we stay well.

Evidence shows that if people who are experiencing the early symptoms of mental ill health feel able to talk about them – particularly in the workplace – it can prevent these symptoms from developing into illness. So, if you ever need to talk, at Nikki Froud Hair Salon we’re here to listen.

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What Makes Us The Best Hair Salon in Lee-On-The-Solent?

Nikki Mental Health AccreditationOur fabulous Salon Owner, Nikki, recently attended a Mental Health First Aid Course which was arranged through the Good Salon Guide and MHFA England, which she described as ‘one of the best that I have attended’.

She is now an accredited Mental Health First Aider. She did this so that she can help by implementing her training (particularly after lockdown!) at the salon for both the team and the clients’ benefit. Nikki hopes to ensure the well-being of her team and clients by learning more about mental health and ways to get support to help empower everyone to thrive.

At Nikki Froud Hairdressing Salon, we make it our mission to be a leading hair salon in Hampshire, and although hairdressing is our passion, we also care about our clients and their mental health and how we can work together as a team to support each other.

Our top priority is that our salon is a safe space where everyone feels comfortable, healthy and happy, as they should both at work and at home as well. Nikki hopes that in making a positive change to conversations around workplace mental health then we can have a positive outlook on mental health after the impact of Covid 19.

Helping Others at Nikki Froud Hair Salon in Hampshire

The Mental Health course has provided Nikki with invaluable tools and practical skills on how to spot the signs of mental illness, and the ability to step in and support anyone who needs assistance. After the pandemic, many people may be suffering mentally so it’s really important that we all check in on each other.

We need to not just listen but actually hear what someone is saying, we all need to be aware.

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health illness, please seek help from your GP or call a crisis hotline.

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Your mental health is important to us, so if you want to have a chat with Nikki at your next appointment just let us know. Book your appointment now by clicking the button at the top of the page to book online or call us on (023) 9255 6222.


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