Top Haircare Tips & Tricks for Fringes

SCHWARZKOPF-straight-blunt-fringeWe all have different issues when it comes to Fringes – but there is usually something that can be done to improve the situation.

Speak to your stylist at Nikki Froud Hairdressing Salon in Hampshire for specialist advice, but first, check out our expert tips & tricks to help you get the best out of your fringe…

1. Invest in styling products

A fringe isn’t just going to do what you want it to, you need to style it into shape. You could use Play Back dry shampoo. It adds a gritty texture, taking away that slippery healthy hair feeling, so your fringe wont go flat or stringy.

2. Face shape ‘rules’

People always say to me that their face is ‘too fat’ for a fringe. This isn’t true. The thing about fringes are that they pin point the great features on your face.

You can have a fringe cut to open out your cheekbones or eyes, or by having long hair hanging down your face can hide the wider points and make your face look slimmer.

3. Consider your hair type

Smoother hair types cope with fringes better as they blow-dry into shape quicker. However curly and wavy hair also works well you just have to be prepared to commit that extra minute every morning to styling it.

If you do have curly hair and go for a curly fringe then leave curls on curls, do not try and smooth your fringe out and wear the rest curly – it looks terrible!

AFFINAGE-straight-blunt-fringe4. Work it into your lifestyle

A fringe can be a great way of looking like you’ve done your hair when in fact all you’ve done is the fringe. If you can commit to two minutes in the morning then you and your fringe will be fine whatever your schedule is.

5. Fake it before you make it

If you’re not sure about taking the plunge with a fringe then get hold of a clip in fringe – there are loads of great ones on the market – and have a play around with that.

Try cutting it and tweaking it to see what kind of look suits you best or better yet, get your stylist to do it for you so they can see what you’re after.

6. Salon maintenance

Getting a fringe trim between your hair appointments can seem like a chore but we will do them either for free or for around £5 at our hair salon in Wolverhampton.

Otherwise, you can always embrace the grown-out period as it gives you a chance to style it in other ways.

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