Emma is our newly qualified Stylist, fresh to the salon floor and may need a little longer to achieve your desired look but it will be worth the wait! As newly qualified, she may need additional assistance or advice from the senior staff members, either to oversee a technique or colour formula, however that is reflected in the price per service. Emma enjoys everything in hairdressing and is very passionate about hair extensions.

What One Song Will You Always Know Every Word To?

Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles!

What Is Your Go-To Karaoke Song?

I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. 

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Hanging out with the girls.

If You Could Hop On A Plane Within An Hour, Where Would You Go?


What Actor/Actress Would You Want To Play You If They Ever Made A Movie About Your Life?

Jennifer Aniston.

What Five Things Would You Take With You During The Zombie Apocalypse And Why?

Knife, rope, phone, food and gun! The knife, rope and gun so I can use them as weapons, the phone so I can call for help and food so that I am not hungry!

If Your Life Was A Movie, What Three Songs Would Be On The Soundtrack?

Any happy songs as I have too many to chose from.

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone From History, Who Would It Be?

Freddie Mercury.

If You Could Marry A Fictional Character, Who Would It Be?

I don’t really have a favourite fictional character.

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