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Hair Colour Correction at the Top Salon in Lee-On-The-Solent

Seek professional advice immediately if your hair colour has turned into a hair colour disaster. One of the most common reasons for hair colour correction is home hair dying sessions that have gone terribly wrong, due to the dye being left on for too long or not long enough, or you simply just don’t like the colour.

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There are many reasons for hair colour correction but our stylists at Nikki Froud Hairdressing have seen them all before, so there’s no need to worry. At our hair salon covering Lee-On-The-Solent, Gosport and Fareham in Hampshire – we are here to help and correct any hair colour problems you may have, and we will ensure you leave our salon with a gorgeous new Matrix Hair Colour.

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Hair Colour Has Turned Out Too Dark Or Too Light?

If you’ve dyed your hair and your new hair colour has turned out too dark, there are ways we can correct the problem with minimal damage and lighten coloured hair to the shade you actually want. If your hair colour has turned out too light then we can simply add a warmer shade or a darker colour. Book in for a hair colour correction consultation with one of our friendly team who will work with you to achieve the correct colour result for you.

Fixing Hair Colour Disasters

We’ve all been there, the hair colour you bought may have looked perfect on the box, but it has turned out a totally different shade on you. No need to panic, you may want to go out to the supermarket and buy another colour to cover over the colour disaster, don’t, correcting a hair colour that has already gone wrong is harder than colouring for the first time. Book in with one of our hair colour experts who will advise you on the best course of action to recreate a gorgeous hair colour and bring your hair back to its beautiful condition and glorious shine.

Correcting Hair Shade Problems

If your tint has been over applied and you have dark bands of hair colour or your highlights have turned out orange, brassy or yellow, don’t panic, we can easily fix this for you. Correcting hair colour problems is best left to the experts, so don’t try fixing your hair colour problem at home. Whatever your hair colour problem we will correct your colour back to perfection, giving you beautiful hair colour results.

For more on hair colour services in Hampshire take a look at our hair colour at Nikki Froud Hairdressing for inspiration, we use stunning hair colours by Matrix.

Hair Colour Correction Appointments

To book your hair colour correction appointment at our hairdressing salon in Lee-On-The-Solent give us a call on 023 9255 6222, we will have your hair colour looking great in no time at all.

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