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Extensions need to be cared for all year round. However, in the summer months we see a rise of hair turning pink/orange/brassy. This issue can happen all year round however summer means more sun and more sea. Which are just 2 of the 6 elements that can cause this issue.

We have put together some information with Zen to help prevent this happening to you and we have also tried and tested some products that can be used to correct the issue.

Hair extensions can change in colour due to chemical reactions which are caused by natural and environmental conditions. This can be due to these 6 main causes: 

1.Chlorine from swimming pool water 
2.Minerals from shower water 
3.Sea water 
4.Sun exposure 
5.Sun cream 
6.Excessive high heat

Zen virgin Remy hair extensions come from China, meaning the hair would have started as a very dark brown. They will then need the be processed to achieve the lighter tones. 

As the hair is naturally made up of warmer tones, violet and ash pigments need to be added to make the hair lighter.

If the hair is exposed to any of the 6 elements above then gradually the violet and ash pigments will be removed and reveal the warmer tones which is the brassy/orange/pink tones you may have seen/experienced. This can happen to any hair which has been lightened, not just extensions. However the issue is more prominent with hair extensions, this is due to the fact that 18 and 22 inch hair is more porous as it has had to be grown for longer. 

How to fix it

The good news is that it can be fixed! You will need to add the violet and ash pigments back in to the hair. This can be from using a good purple shampoo or by using a toner. Some products we recommend for doing this are Matrix So Silver Shampoo or Biolage Silver Shampoo. However we would recommend that this is done by your professional stylist and we always recommend doing a patch test before applying this to the whole head of extensions. This should only be done to correct the colour change and not as part of a regular hair care regime. 

Please ask at Nikki Froud Hairdressing salon in Lee on the Solent for details and to assess your hair extension needs.

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